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Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air and Sea - Refresher

This course is designed to refresh aspects of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air and Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Sea courses.

Note: Radioactive materials are not covered.

Personnel, both on and offshore, who are involved in the preparation of dangerous goods for transportation by air or sea who require to maintain their certification.

The syllabus focuses on:

  •     Classification and identification of dangerous goods
  •     Documentation including the shipper’s declaration
  •     IMDG code
  •     Marine pollutants
  •     Marking and labelling and documentation
  •     Packaging of dangerous goods
  •     Segregation
  •     Stowage
  •     The application of dangerous goods by air regulations
  •     The general philosophy of dangerous goods transportation
  •     The limitations on the transportation of certain dangerous goods by air
  •     The Merchant Shipping Dangerous Goods and Marine Pollutant Regulations
  •     UN specification packaging

An in-date valid CAA air certificate and OPITO-approved sea certificate.

An OPITO-approved sea certificate and a CAA approved air certificate will be issued on successful completion of the course.