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Bridge Team Management/Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork (STCW)

Trainees who successfully complete this course shall have a comprehensive understanding of Bridge Watchkeeping Principles, Passage Planning, and Bridge Team Organisation and Management.

This course is open to masters, deck officers and trainee deck officers.

Practical exercises are conducted in a full mission bridge simulator and followed by a thorough de-briefing and analysis of each exercise. Trainees will be required to plan passages and then execute their plan in the simulator. During the simulated passage trainees will have to monitor their vessel`s progress in relation to their passage plan, navigate safely, manoeuvre to avoid other traffic, communicate with V.T.S and Pilot Stations and deal with the normal pressures of a bridge watch.

All trainees shall have a thorough understanding of the application of the Collision Avoidance Rules and are recommended to undergo training in the Collision Avoidance Course.