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Authorized Gas Tester Level 3 (AGT 3)
Every three years.

This course is designed to meet the initial training and assessment requirements for Authorised Gas Testers Level 3 in accordance with both OPITO-approved Standard for Authorised Gas Testers.

For personnel who are required to perform safety watch duties and continuous monitoring for flammable gases. Those undertaking this training will be assessed against AGT 3.

The syllabus focuses on:

  •     Selection, care and use of PPE for gas testing
  •     Types of fixed, portable and personal monitors
  •     Statutory requirements (HASAWA)
  •     Implications of EH40 document (Workplace Exposure Limits)
  •     Hazards and properties of flammable gases
  •     Working with permits and ICCs
  •     Behaviour of different gases
  •     Range and frequency of tests and acceptable limits

Delegates must hold a current OPITO certificate for Authorised Gas Tester Level 1.