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Authorized Gas Tester Level 2 (AGT 2)
Every three years.

This course is designed to meet the initial training and assessment requirements for Authorised Gas Testers Level 2 in accordance with both OPITO-approved Standard for Authorised Gas Testers.

For personnel who are required to perform a test for flammable and toxic gases in preparation for hot work. Those undertaking this training will be assessed against all of AGT 2 and AGT 3.

The syllabus focuses on:

  •     Selection care and use of PPE for gas testing
  •     Types of fixed, portable and personal monitors
  •     Statutory requirements (HASAWA)
  •     Implications of EH40 document (Workplace Exposure Limits)
  •     Hazards associated with working within flammable atmospheres
  •     Working with permits and ICCs
  •     Behaviour of different gases
  •     Range and frequency of tests and acceptable limits
  •     How to document results and advise relevant personnel


OPITO-approved certification will be issued on successful completion of the course.