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Noise at work: NEMS and DOSIMETRY

Many offshore installations use NEMS (Noise Exposure Management System) and associated software to manage their noise survey data, to calculate noise exposures and to identify noise risks. Noise Dosimetry is then used for individual workers to verify noise exposures. The course provides training in the Application of NEMS and the use of the software to maintain noise survey data and noise exposure information, and to understand the risk analysis information provided.

Individuals with responsibility for noise monitoring, involved with on-site noise management, involved with Health and safety and procurement.

The course covers the use of NEMS to manage, update and review the generic noise exposure assessments for a large number of workers, including the principles of the methodology and hands-on use of the software.

The course also covers the use of noise Dosimeters to provide individual noise exposure assessments. The course also includes practical advice on operating a Dosimetry scheme efficiently and successfully.

Completion of the Noise at Work: Competent Persons three-day Certificate.