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Offshore Safety Representatives
OPITO recommend every two years.

This course covers training that Safety Representatives (who have been elected under the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations SI 1989/971), to assist them to fulfil their functions as defined in those regulations.

The training covers generic skills and knowledge, and should be supplemented with training on the specific skills and knowledge required by individual installations and relevant health and safety policies, management systems and supporting processes and resources. This additional training should be supplied by the duty holder as defined by the Management and Administration Regulations. It is up to the Safety Representative to ensure they are provided with their own company-specific information and instruction.

Safety representatives elected under the Safety Representatives and Safety Committee Regulations - SI 1989/971.

The syllabus focuses on:

  •     Accidents: costs, causes and prevention
  •     Accident investigation
  •     Current legislation including safety case
  •     Hazard identification and basic risk assessment
  •     Making effective presentations
  •     Report/memo writing and interviewing techniques
  •     Safety committee meetings
  •     Safety management systems
  •     The role of the safety representative
  •     Training and competence
  •     Waste management and pollution
  •     Workplace inspections and audits


Successful completion will result in the issue of an OPITO-approved certificate.