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OilComp International is a daughter company owned by OilComp. Since 2001, OilComp has been an effective link between companies in the oil and maritime industries, and suppliers of competence-based and certified training in the Norwegian market. In Norway, we provide approximately 150 types of courses and over 4000 course events within administrative, technical, health, environmental, safety and emergency preparedness and security related topics. With the launch of OilComp International, we will increase the number of courses significantly with internationally located partners. All of OilComp’s training providers are well-recognized, certified and/or approved by relevant authorities.  

The core of OilComp’s business is that we connect customers to our network of training providers through our web-based booking system. We have also developed a complete competence management system for  private and public entities, that identifies and helps to fill competence and performance gaps. OilComp’s aim is to provide approved and well-recognized training in close proximity to the homes, travel links and helicopter terminals of offshore workers and sailors.

OilComp offers our clients one-stop cost effective access to statutory personnel certification in a large and growing international market. Customers receive consistent training at a lower cost with less administration. With training centres located all over the world, travel and accommodation expenses will be reduced significantly.  

As our customer, you will be offered free, easy access to a series of courses through our online booking system. Please contact our Call Centre - telephone +47 950 22 6 22 - for access to the system (username, password and information about how to use the system), advice or booking.  

Who can help?
Our skilled staff can assist you with course registration. In addition, booking assistance is free of charge as a part of our service.